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FASTBRACES® really are the fast way to straighten and realign your misaligned or crooked teeth. At Dente in Miami, Florida, the dentist provides FASTBRACES to reduce your risk of periodontal disease, improve your dental health, and beautify your smile. FASTBRACES can straighten your teeth in just 45 to 152 days with improvement usually noticeable in just a few days. Unveil the plethora of benefits and inquire about FASTBRACES. Book online or call Dente today.

Fastbraces® Q&A


You might choose FASTBRACES to straighten and realign crooked and misaligned teeth and improve the look and function of your smile and teeth.

FASTBRACES is a quality teeth-straightening treatment that can straighten your teeth quicker than many other orthodontic methods. If you don’t want to wait years to straighten your teeth, you might be interested in FASTBRACES.


What can I expect with FASTBRACES?

In most cases, the FASTBRACES process can be completed in 45 to 152 days.

FASTBRACES involves only one wire through the entire treatment. In just days after your dentist applies your FASTBRACES in-office, the typical tooth can often show progress toward straightening.

FASTBRACES uses breakthrough technology that avoids the two-step process of traditional braces. With traditional braces, the first year or so is usually spent pulling the crowns of the teeth into position. The roots of your teeth are moved into place usually during the second year. FASTBRACES technology starts the process of straightening the roots to an upright position from day one.

FASTBRACES involves doctor-prescribed treatment plans and comprehensive orthodontics.

Unlike other teeth straightening methods, your FASTBRACES are fitted in your mouth for the entire duration of the treatment.

You’ll need follow-up visits at Dente to monitor how your treatment is working. To care for your FASTBRACES, you simply brush your brackets while brushing your teeth. 


What are the benefits of FASTBRACES?

Considering that traditional braces can take years to reach the end of treatment, FASTBRACES really is the faster way to achieve straighter teeth.

The FASTBRACES technology allows your dentist to grow alveolar bone using a light force through a process called ortho eruption. The ortho eruption process can straighten teeth quickly and safely and often avoids the need for jaw surgery or tooth extractions.

Gum disease is often magnified with crooked and misaligned teeth. Straightening your teeth with FASTBRACES can also protect your dental health and improve your dental hygiene by allowing you to better clean your straight teeth.

Most people report a noticeable improvement in their teeth within a matter of days. The bracket and wire of FASTBRACES technology facilitates the immediate root movement of crooked teeth from the onset of treatment.

At Dente, the braces specialist has impressive expertise and many different techniques to expedite treatments. The team also begins early intervention to retrain muscles, tongue habits, and skeletal deficiencies to guide development in kids as young as age 4.

FASTBRACES can be an excellent teeth straightening solution for children, teens, and adults.

If you’re interested in learning more about this innovative dental treatment, schedule online or call the Dente office.