When You Need Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies never seem to happen at a good time. You might be eating a perfectly healthy fruit and nut bar, only to bite into a pit. The next thing you know, you might have a broken tooth and a mouth full of pain.

You should never ignore a dental emergency, even if it happens at an inconvenient time. Fortunately, dentists are always prepared for the possibility that their patients might experience dental emergencies, and the sooner you seek treatment, the better. Dr. Anette Betancor at Dente Complete Dentistry explains more about how to recognize a dental emergency. 


If you have a toothache, it might or might not be an actual emergency, even though it might feel like one. First, rinse your mouth with warm water. Floss your teeth to see if any food has gotten lodged between them. If your mouth is swollen, use a cold compress on the outside of your cheek. Call the dentist as soon as possible.

Lost or knocked-out tooth

If you have a tooth that you’ve lost or knocked out, you need to call the dentist immediately. In some cases, the tooth may be able to be reattached to your gums. Rinse off the tooth roots and try to put the tooth back in place. Do not brush or wipe off the tooth because you might accidentally remove the roots.

If you can’t put it back in place, the best solution is to put your tooth in a small container of milk or saltwater. You have the best chances of successfully reattaching the tooth if you see a dentist within an hour, so keep Dr. Betancor’s phone number saved in your phone.

Chipped or broken teeth

If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, you need to call the dentist right away. Save any tooth pieces if they’re available. Rinse your mouth using warm water. If you’re bleeding, place a piece of gauze in your mouth for about 10 minutes. You can also use a cold compress on the outside of your gums, cheek, or tongue if you have any swelling.

Reduce your risk of breaking or chipping a tooth by not chewing on ice or hard candy. You should avoid chewing on pens or using your teeth to open packages.

Lost filling

If you have a lost filling, your tooth will likely be extremely sensitive. You want to call Dr. Betancor when you’ve lost a filling. In the meantime, place a piece of sugarless gum in place of the filling until you can see the dentist. (Avoid gum that contains sugar because it can make the sensitivity worse.)

Lost crown

When you’ve lost a crown, you’ll need to call the dentist right away. In the meantime, you can try to place the crown back on your tooth using dental cement, which is available over the counter. You can also use clove oil to numb any pain. Dab a cotton swab in the clove oil and apply it to your gums.

Broken braces and wires

Traditional braces can cause several emergencies, including broken braces and wires and loose brackets or bands. If a wire has broken on your braces, you need to call the dentist. In the meantime, you should try to push the wire back in place or wrap it in gauze. You should not try to clip the wires yourself because you risk swallowing them.


An abscess is a signal that you have a serious infection in your gums, which needs the dentist’s attention immediately. You may suspect that you have an abscess if you have swelling, like a pimple, under your gums.

If you have a dental emergency, you need immediate attention from a caring and knowledgeable dentist. Contact Dr. Anette Betancor at Dente Complete Dentistry at any time that you have an emergency dental situation.

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