What’s Involved in Gum Rejuvenation?

What’s Involved in Gum Rejuvenation?

If your gums have been causing problems for you, you may need to do something to get your gums rejuvenated. But you might not be familiar with the process of gum rejuvenation or what it can do for your oral health.

Gum disease–also known as periodontal disease–affects 42% of adults over age 30 in the U.S. Gum disease has a significant impact on your overall health if left untreated. Gum rejuvenation is one method of correcting this condition. Dr. Anette Betancor of Dente Complete Dentistry explains the benefits of gum rejuvenation.

What is gum disease?

Your gums are much more crucial in protecting your teeth than you may realize. They protect the roots of your teeth and your jaw bones. Sometimes, the gum tissue begins to recede and pull away from the teeth, which is the beginning of gum disease.

At your dental cleanings, you may notice that we sometimes measure the depth of your gum tissue. This is a way to measure the amount of gum recession.

Gum disease affects many people. Many factors, including the following cause it:

If you catch gum disease early enough and take steps like gum rejuvenation, you may be able to reverse gum disease before it becomes a major problem.

What gum disease can cause

Your gum tissue can be permanently lost if you don’t catch gum disease in time. Some of the early symptoms of gum disease include the following:

Untreated gum disease can eventually lead to more serious health problems as well. Some of these problems include heart disease, an increased risk of stroke, and diabetes.

Before gum rejuvenation

Before you choose to get gum rejuvenation, you will want to treat your receding gums. You may need to get a deep cleaning to prepare your gums for gum rejuvenation. Deep cleanings remove the tartar from your teeth, removing any infection from your gums before you go for gum rejuvenation.

The gum rejuvenation process

Gum rejuvenation is different from the older technique to restore receding gums. The older technique involved taking grafts from your mouth's roof and using them to graft to your gum tissue. Most people found the gum grafting procedure to be uncomfortable, even painful. 

Gum rejuvenation is a new procedure that is much less painful and offers faster results than traditional gum grafting. With gum rejuvenation techniques, the dentist cuts tiny holes in your gums, which releases the gum tissue. This allows the gum tissue to stretch to cover the roots of your teeth.

You’ll be under anesthesia for the entire procedure so that you won’t experience any pain at the time. However, your gums may be sore and swollen for several days after the procedure. You can expect to see the true results of the procedure as much as six months after getting it done.

If you want gum rejuvenation, it can change the appearance of your face and improve your self-esteem. Contact Dr. Anette Betancor at Dente Complete Dentistry today or request an appointment online.

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