What’s Included in Gum Rejuvenation?

If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your smile and know that your gums are the reason, we can help. Gum rejuvenation includes a variety of possible treatments to help your gums and your smile look their best. Dr. Anette Betancor of Dente Complete Dentistry explains more about gum rejuvenation.

Reasons for gum rejuvenation

You might have a “gummy” smile, which can make you feel self-conscious about the way you look. Or you may have been told that you have the beginnings of periodontal disease, a disease that affects the health of your gums. Your gum lines may even be receding, showing more of your teeth than looks natural.

What types of gum rejuvenation we do

Your gums play a significant role in the health of your teeth. When your gums are unhealthy, your teeth can look less attractive and may even be weaker. Gum rejuvenation treatments are aimed at creating the healthiest mouth possible.

On the more minimal end, even your professional dental cleanings help to rejuvenate your gums. It keeps bacteria from growing into your gums by scraping away the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Other techniques that we can try to rejuvenate your gums include the following:

Dental deep cleanings

Dental deep cleanings go beyond your standard dental cleanings. In a deep cleaning, we use laser-medicated treatment to clean the plaque below your gum line. You’re numb while we do this so that you won’t feel any pain. 

We may also do something called root planing, which smooths out rough spots on your teeth below the gum line and allows your teeth to attach more firmly to the gums. However, you should know that this isn’t the type of procedure we recommend for everyone; your gums would have to be in the early stages of periodontal disease for this to be appropriate.

Gum reshaping

If you have a “gummy” smile, gum reshaping can fix that. Gum reshaping or gum contouring involves removing some of the excess gum tissue that’s making your gums appear more prominent.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening reshapes excess bone and gum tissue to expose more of your natural tooth surface. It may be done on one tooth or multiple teeth, depending on the extent of your problems. Contrary to what the name suggests, crown lengthening is different from getting a dental crown.

Surgical treatments

In some advanced cases of gum disease, we may even suggest having surgery on your gums. These surgeries are performed under anesthesia and include pocket reduction and soft tissue or bone grafts. These procedures work to restore the right amount of gum tissue between your teeth and strengthen them. Bone or soft tissue grafts can even encourage your body to make more new bone or soft tissue.

If you have a gummy smile or the beginnings of gum disease, know that treatment is available -- but time is of the essence, and the sooner, the better. To learn more about gum rejuvenation and your available options, call Dr. Anette Betancor at Dente Complete Dentistry today or request an appointment online.

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