Smile away dental fears and end procrastination to happiness

The Cosmetic Dentist within me loves to create smiles from within as working on the aesthetic facade of teeth through veneers, crowns or bridges. The orthodontist within me, puzzles around physically moving bone/teeth through functional appliances and braces to achieve better aesthetics and flow of teeth contours.  The surgeon within me gets an adrenaline rush when replacing missing teeth through titanium implant placement. The Endodontist within me enjoys the pain relief patients experience after draining and irrigating the nerve canals during root canal treatment.

Most importantly, the soul within me craves for deeper connections beyond the tangible teeth. Being able to witness how patients and friends reach their innermost smiles, the one that makes their eyes shine and allows to momentarily overlook external stimuli, ego, self-doubt, guilt, and fear. To see them enjoying the simplest laws of this happy and effortless universe is what makes my Cuban blood salsa, my dental office thrive and my tummy’s’ butterflies tickle me to truly smile from within.

I have been struggling to find another topic to discuss here on dentelosophy. I have been wanting to write beyond oral health and move our conversations into the root causes on why people feel the void they feel every day. Don’t you have the feeling sometimes that there’s more out there than what you are doing at the moment? But you also have the gut feeling that it doesn’t have to do with money, going out, eating out, watching movies, sleeping, smoking or even drinking. Bigger purpose!? You are in a constant quest to get to a certain unknown place that will make you feel happier and whole; a thoughtful boyfriend, being the provider of a loving sexy wife, respect from boss, validation from friends, feeling confident walking in front of a mirror genuinely accepting the naked reflection.

Most people are conditioned to run away and brush off what makes them feel insecure to avoid feeling the anxiety. They never sit in silence to have an intimate chat with their innermost self, accounting for all those areas they would like to improve on, or memories they would like to let go of. Practicing to calm the overthinking chaotic mind is a task most haven’t even thought about. Instead, we busy ourselves as the perfect excuse to escape the only relationship that truly matters in this physical reality; YOU, the I am .

Codependence of any sort whether to material things, a partner, parents, food, drugs, limiting habits, tv, too much work, etc, is a simple way the ego has to keep you distracted, confused, entertained and dominated by fear and insecurities. It tricks you into believing and identifying yourself with that role you have played inside your head over and over again. But why do we identify with the voice inside our heads? Who told us that was us? …we become wishing walking machines, continuously seeking external stimulus that would give us a rush for alignment and joy; that one guy that will make me feel like a princess… that one job that will pay me $o well and even work remotely… that workout routine I love so much and makes me look lean and toned. There is always an external condition to our “HAPPINESS” and the intruder of anxiety settles in when those don’t materialize.

Solitude is your greatest friend. In the silence of being alone without distractions, you find the calmness within yourself and only then can you make peace with what is being conflicting you inside. Face your inner monsters and insecurities; get them out of the closet of the subconscious mind, look under the bed and turn on the light on the limiting beliefs you have against yourself. Our neuroplastic brain has the ability upon conscious focus to rewire neurological networks and reestablishing it with new beliefs. Behind thoughts, behind noise and in the silence there is infinite wisdom and clarity of your own life’s purpose.

Every day, the dentist within me faces fearful patients brain- tattooed with fear against my hand-piece and instruments. Helping them cope through each visit by providing a series of positive dental experiences, sets them up for rewiring away from previous fear-based- beliefs about dental visits. Through repetition and conscious focus of any topic –positive or negative—one can achieve reshaping neurological networks, rewiring into new patterns of thought, beliefs and habits. This is all well explained in quantum physics and the observer-reality experiment. I am proud to implement a stress free office where my patients get empowered to face their limiting behaviors as skipping dental visits due to paralyzing fear.

The human in me knows that a fearful mind can overpower the infinite energy we each carry inside. By being the bridge between their fear and a satisfying smile, I strive to transmit them with the peace of mind and mindfulness that I practice in my personal life. I focus highly on the positives of their visit, the end results and the beautiful satisfaction of deleting from the nerve racking “to-do list” the procrastinating feeling of visiting me at dente. Also awareness of breathing through the anesthesia phase is key to maintaining the calm and proper oxygenation. I use a lot of distracting pressure spots with my fingers to amplify the nerve ending receptors surface area, that way avoiding the isolated acute pin-point needle puncturing sensation.

I am naturally an up-lifter and having this profession that challenges me 9-5pm, amplifies the importance of keeping a positive attitude throughout each segment of the day. Being aware of my mind, and allowing only good-feeling-generating- thoughts. Practicing Mindfulness and gratitude of the present moment during working hours leaves me with a sense of joy that’s naturally contagious to patients in the chair. Finding my solo moments to just be, breathe and replenish my personal energy is my personal gift.  Full on with joy fuel, I randomly share motivational conversations with patients and staff. Uplifting others shifts the energy of the room to an effortlessly pleasant atmosphere.

My personal goal is to have you smile at least three times before you leave me for the day.


Spread love and break people’s fears!

Dente I have created this interactive space especially for you, the dente patient. One of the most gratifying things in life as a dentist, is to effortlessly educate while answering doubts and eliminating most typical myths about dentistry. I have a passion for the building blocks of dentistry and it comes as second nature to want to give detailed explanations to my patients as we discuss the treatment plan options. I’m a firm believer that if the patient understands the intricate science behind their oral status, a confident decision is an organic result. I am a practical dentist that is actively looking for the best option to treat your needs. Technology is rapidly changing and there are many options one has to have into account in order to provide for the best long term esthetics and function. Our simple philosophy is to serve you while getting you to that comfortable place where you genuinely smile from within.

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