How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Are you considering the option of getting your teeth whitened? That’s great! We love to hear when people are considering this option, so they can start to feel healthier and more attractive with the kind of smile they see on TV. However, we know this procedure is expensive, and we always try to help our patients consider how they can extend the results of teeth whitening long after the procedure is done. 

Drs. Anette Betancor and Jose Vazquez, as well as the rest of our team at Dente Complete Dentistry, caution patients against getting their teeth whitened without considering the ways they can extend the procedure’s results after the fact. After all, you don’t want your dazzlingly white teeth only to last you a few months, do you? Right! So, here are some ways you can keep your teeth looking healthy and white for a year or more. 

1. Have your teeth professionally whitened 

Don’t look for one of those over-the-counter options that you put on for a few hours before bed. Professional teeth whitening is much more effective. A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice found those who get their teeth whitened in the dentist’s chair see longer-lasting results than those who do it at home, as well as teeth that are one or more shades whiter and safer outcomes. As most people will tell you, there’s no substitute for professional dental care. 

2. Avoid certain food and drinks 

This one may sting, but we highly recommend avoiding restaining your teeth by eating and drinking certain things. The list of foods and drinks you should break yourself of ingesting include: 

You may be able to cut certain foods and drinks out of your diet completely, but if not, try limiting them as much as possible. Some drinks, such as coffee and tea, can be sipped through a straw to minimize contact with your pearly whites, but it’s still possible to see staining even if you drink them this way. 

3. Take good care of your teeth

After you get your teeth whitened, it’s paramount you stay on top of your oral hygiene regimen. For one, don’t smoke, as cigarettes can be extremely harmful to your teeth, let alone restain them. Also, make sure you brush at least twice a day, floss at least once, and rinse with mouthwash regularly. 

If you consume one of the foods or drinks above, you will want to brush your teeth right afterward to avoid staining. You can also use whitening toothpaste, but remember to choose one that has the approval of a dental association and to use it only as often as it says on the tube. 

4. Visit us regularly 

Just because your teeth are looking white and lovely doesn’t mean you can skip your bi-yearly dental appointment. Make sure you come to see us at least every six months, so we can clear you of any problems and ensure that your mouth is feeling — as well as looking — healthy. 

Ready to make your appointment for your first teeth whitening procedure? 

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