Consider These Benefits of FASTBRACES®

Consider These Benefits of FASTBRACES®

If you want braces and don’t want the long time commitment of wearing traditional braces or Invisalign®, you aren’t completely out of luck. Depending on the extent of the work you need, you may be a candidate for a new option: the FASTBRACES® method.

FASTBRACES works best if the “social six” teeth (the top front teeth most people see) are crooked or misaligned. Straightening these teeth has significant benefits, including better oral health and less risk of periodontal disease. Dr. Anette Betancor of Dente Complete Dentistry explains more about good candidates for this rapid straightening method and the benefits you can expect to achieve.

How does FASTBRACES work?

FASTBRACES is a quick treatment method that can straighten your teeth in as little as 45 to 152 days. Unlike other forms of braces, which require multiple wires and brackets or trays to cover your entire teeth, FASTBRACES uses a custom-fit system that strengthens your teeth at the roots.

The FASTBRACES system uses just one wire and several triangular brackets to move your teeth. Many people find that their teeth start moving within just a couple of days. During the first phase of the treatment, you’ll have round wires placed to move the crowns of your teeth. During the second phase of treatment, square wires put in place will move your teeth at the roots.

In the meantime, while you’re using this system, you’ll get frequent checkups to make sure that your teeth are moving into their desired position on schedule. To care for your braces, brush your teeth like usual.

Who benefits from FASTBRACES?

A common misconception is that only minor dental problems can be fixed with FASTBRACES. Many common problems are fixable with this treatment method, including the following:

FASTBRACES uses revolutionary new technology to help your mouth grow more alveolar bone using a light force called ortho eruption. Most of the same issues usually treated with more complex orthodontic work are fixed with the FASTBRACES method--but in much less time.

Working with children

Often, we can use the FASTBRACES system on young children--even children who are otherwise still too young for traditional braces. By retraining the muscles and tongue habits and correcting for skeletal deficiencies, we can prevent many dental problems from occurring.

Who’s not a good candidate for FASTBRACES?

The best way to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for FASTBRACES is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Betancor. She can evaluate your overall oral health, the results of X-rays and the status of your teeth to come to a conclusion.

Many people are good candidates for FASTBRACES. However, some situations call for longer treatment times, in which case, you might be recommended to try Invisalign instead. 

Some of the circumstances that might not make you a good candidate for FASTBRACES include:

More likely, however, you could change your smile in as little as a couple of months. If you would like to know if you or your child are a good candidate for FASTBRACES, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anette Betancor at Dente Complete Dentistry today. Contact the office or request an appointment online.

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