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Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Here’s What You Need to Know

The global spread of the coronavirus has temporarily disrupted society as we know it. During this time, it’s reasonable to wonder when you need to seek dental care. The providers at Dente Cosmetic Dentistry will still be working on a limited schedule but will only be treating dental emergencies. You’ll need to wait until this health crisis has passed for treatments like whitening and Invisalign.

But because so many things about this time are unusual and even worrisome to most of us, you may be wondering how to distinguish between “normal” dental pain and actual emergencies. The following guide can help you identify when it’s time for an emergency call.

Common causes of “normal” tooth pain

Stress can cause many types of tooth pain. Considering that this is a stressful time for most of us, it’s not surprising if you experience more dental pain. Some of the common causes of toothaches and dental pain which can be related to stress include the following:

If you’re experiencing toothaches with no apparent cause, try taking medications like Tylenol® to see if it relieves the pain. If the pain continues, it could be due to a different reason and warrants a call to us for a professional opinion.

Minor dental problems that may or may not be an emergency

In general, times like this are used for treating true dental emergencies only. Some common minor dental problems that you may experience include small chips in your teeth and lost fillings, crowns, or bridges.

It can still be a good idea to call for a professional opinion about situations like these. However, they may not require an immediate visit. You will likely be asked a series of questions about the nature of your pain to determine if a personal, in-office follow-up is necessary.

Situations which are almost always an emergency

When it comes to dental care, certain circumstances are almost always considered an emergency that requires being seen as soon as possible. Some of these true emergencies include the following.

Lost or knocked-out tooth

A lost or knocked-out tooth is always a dental emergency. You should keep the tooth moist until you can be seen in the office. Keeping it moist improves the chances that the tooth can be reattached. You can either keep it in place in your mouth or a cup of milk.

Loose teeth

Loose teeth are cute in young children, but they’re never normal in adults. If one or more of your teeth are loose, it definitely warrants an emergency call to the office. You could have a more serious underlying problem that’s causing your tooth to feel loose.

Severe mouth pain

If you have severe pain in your teeth or gums that don’t go away after taking Tylenol for a couple of days, it’s often a more serious sign of a big problem. Causes of severe dental pain can range from an abscess, which can be caused by as minor of an issue as a stuck piece of popcorn. An abscess is a form of infection that never goes away on its own. You need to be seen as soon as possible so the infection can be properly treated.

Even though the circumstances are different due to coronavirus, dental emergencies still need attention. You may be relieved to know that some causes of mouth pain are typical and may even be related to your concerns about getting the virus. However, it’s always good to call if you suspect your dental issues may be severe. Contact us today at Dente Complete Dentistry or send a message online.

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