Am I A Candidate for Fastbraces?

Everyone wants a straight, beautiful smile. But if you weren’t naturally blessed with one, the odds are good that you’re looking at options like traditional metal braces or Invisalign®. These options certainly work to straighten your teeth but often involve a lengthy time commitment of one to two years.

People looking into braces and Invisalign® often have other reasons for looking at alternatives: the expense. Braces and Invisalign® are expensive ways to fix your teeth, though the results are undoubtedly worth it. Now, a new option called FASTBRACES® is available that can straighten your teeth for a fraction of the cost of braces. It works in just a few short months, too. Dr. Anette Betancor of Dente Complete Dentistry explains more about this method and whether or not you might be a good candidate for it.


FASTBRACES® is a method of straightening your teeth that works in just 45 to 152 days. Most people begin to notice a difference within only a few days. The dentist uses a technique called ortho eruption to stimulate the jaw to grow more alveolar bone. The light force produced by this technique can move your teeth into position.

Who FASTBRACES® works best for

FASTBRACES® works very well for many people in a short period compared to its alternatives. However, FASTBRACES® isn’t the best solution for everyone, depending on the state of your teeth when you begin the process. It’s crucial to have realistic expectations.

The person who’s the best candidate for FASTBRACES® has mild to moderate misalignment of their teeth. It’s specifically designed to work well on the front six teeth. If your front six teeth, either on the front or bottom, are not properly aligned, this system can work well to correct your issues. Because these are the teeth that present your smile to the world, fixing them can give you the beautiful smile of your dreams.

Traditional braces move both the crowns of your teeth, then your teeth’s roots, in two separate stages. FASTBRACES® moves both at once, allowing for faster results.  

Another advantage of FASTBRACES® is that we can use the technique on children as young as age four, allowing us to correct dental problems before they arise.

Who isn’t a good candidate

FASTBRACES® doesn’t work as well if your teeth have more complicated problems. If your back teeth are misaligned, for example, you need more intervention. FASTBRACES® can straighten your teeth, but you may need an adjustment of your bite when you’re done with your treatment.

We’ll be honest with you about whether or not you are a good candidate for FASTBRACES®. Sometimes, there’s no way around the need for traditional braces or Invisalign®, especially if your teeth need additional help. However, FASTBRACES® can be an excellent solution for mild to moderate misalignment issues.

If you would like to learn more about whether or not you’re a good candidate for this affordable, short-term option, we would be happy to talk with you. Call our office or schedule an appointment online. 

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