All Porcelain Smile Design MAKEOVER in 1 day!

Do you have front teeth that have changed color and look dark in every picture?

Did you have a lot of cavities growing up, having now  many STAINED old fillings that  cover most of your not so pearly whites?

Are you missing a tooth AND have an old METAL-porcelain bridge?

Do you have  a crooked  tooth that sticks out more and drives your OCD eye crazy?

Are you tired of laughing with hand over mouth?

Well even if you answered NO to all of the above, then imagine this…

Picture you having left over dark food on your teeth AND as you swallow the last bite, suddenly someone directly faces you and asks you a question that you can’t ignore nor nod away.

You think, “Oh my god, that crunchy burned broccoli is all over my teeth!?” – you internally die.

Don’t you feel embarrassed to open your mouth even if you know exactly what to say?

What if it is the person you have been crushing on???

We all deeply FEAR REJECTION, especially when it comes to social acceptance and fitting in.

Looking good or presentable is one of the major driving factors why we all care so much what others think of us.

So having a CLEAN ESTHETIC SMILE is an inviting asset that welcomes people to openly interact and feel connected to you.

BUT What if I tell you, that YOU CAN RE-DO your old bridge or stained filling veneers IN ONE MORNING.

That you can literally walk into the office at 8 am and leave after 4pm with a brand new digitally custom-made smile

>> You get to see your smiling new teeth before fabricated.

Dentistry has come very far since its beginnings. There is a state of the art technology called CEREC that digitally take the impression of prepared teeth, and while the impression pen goes around scanning the teeth, the patient sees everything on a screen.

>>NO MORE nasty impression material going down your throat to gag you…


Both jaws get scanned and once in the computer the lab technician starts the MOST ARTISTIC phase of the process. The DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN.

Once the digital most NATURAL new SMILE mock up is finished, it is then visible on the computer screen for patient approval.  Once you have given the green light to continue, we choose IDEAL final color SHADE and the Milling process of the porcelain block starts.

It is amazing being a dentist in the NEW DIGITAL ERA. The results are predictable, beautiful and pleasing to all parties.

Dente OFFERS this state of the art technology, personalized service plus brings the most artistic digital lab Cuban technician  to our MIAMI office with his own CEREC machine to be part of the custom made TRANSFORMATION of your new personalized DIGITAL SMILE MAKEOVER.

>>If the old way of making teeth with waiting time for CROWNS/VENEERS out sourced lab turn around is too LONG?

>> if those fake temporaries that break over the weekends while at restaurants aren’t for you…

then I can assure you that the…

All Porcelain Smile Design MAKEOVER in 1 day is simply for you!

It’s a convenient state of the art technology. It is custom-made to your mouth and smile. It is made with the most esthetic and strong porcelain available in the market!


Are you ready to have an effortless bright SMILE?


Dare to a NEW bright smile,


Dente I have created this interactive space especially for you, the dente patient. One of the most gratifying things in life as a dentist, is to effortlessly educate while answering doubts and eliminating most typical myths about dentistry. I have a passion for the building blocks of dentistry and it comes as second nature to want to give detailed explanations to my patients as we discuss the treatment plan options. I’m a firm believer that if the patient understands the intricate science behind their oral status, a confident decision is an organic result. I am a practical dentist that is actively looking for the best option to treat your needs. Technology is rapidly changing and there are many options one has to have into account in order to provide for the best long term esthetics and function. Our simple philosophy is to serve you while getting you to that comfortable place where you genuinely smile from within.

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