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5 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign

For whatever reason, maybe you’re unhappy with your smile. But contrary to popular belief, braces aren’t just for children and teenagers. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to get the smile that you want.

Today’s options are much more attractive than the old-fashioned metal braces. Invisalign® is an increasingly popular alternative for many reasons. To learn more about what Invisalign and what makes it such a great option, the providers at Dente Complete Dentistry offer this guide to 5 of the amazing benefits of Invisalign.

  1. They’re unnoticeable

In contrast to metal braces, which can be embarrassing to wear, especially if you’re a successful adult, Invisalign is clear. This makes it virtually unnoticeable to wear Invisalign. Others might only notice that you’re wearing them if they look closely at your mouth.

They’re also less likely to show up in photographs. With traditional braces, you can’t help but notice them from a far distance. Invisalign looks as close to your natural smile as possible.

  1. They actually work

It seems almost too good to be true. But yes, you can wear virtually unnoticeable and clear braces that will still reshape your smile. Crooked teeth are brought into alignment, and gaps in your smile can disappear. Best of all, because Invisalign is removable, you can still take out the aligners to eat. This removes one of the biggest discomforts associated with traditional braces.

However, don’t be fooled by mail-order products claiming to do the same thing at a much lower cost. Only a dentist can correctly make and adjust the mold to fit your teeth. Dentists like ours recommend Invisalign because it’s a superior system. Typically, we adjust the dimensions of your Invisalign braces about every two weeks.

  1. The benefits are more than just cosmetic

Although there’s no question that braces can improve your smile, they also improve your health. Some of the ways that Invisalign can have benefits for your overall health include the following:

Even though Invisalign has so many cosmetic benefits, it’s not considered a strictly cosmetic procedure. Many insurance companies even pay for it. If you’re not sure if yours does, ask us about it.

  1. Invisalign has a high satisfaction rate

You can always count on the reviews of others who have had the same procedure as a guide to your results. And Invisalign has an extremely high satisfaction rate among others who have had it done.

According to the cosmetic surgery site, 92 percent of people who have had Invisalign say that it’s “worth it.” The vast majority of people find the convenience and ease of wear a worthwhile trade-off for the benefits of having straighter teeth.

  1. It works relatively quickly

Braces are sometimes thought of as being a big commitment for treatment. But with Invisalign, most people only have to wear them for 6 to 18 months, with the average being about a year. When you think about how quickly a year passes, you could have a dramatically improved smile faster than you think.

Your commitment to the process is essential, however. You need to wear clear aligners for as much of the day as possible. When the process is done, you’ll still need to wear retainers at night so that teeth don’t drift back to their previous placement. Most people find this a small price to pay compared to the benefits of their new smile.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about Invisalign. Contact us today for a consultation by requesting an appointment online.

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