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My precious smile!!! Before and after treatments!


Before; patient has severe depression and eating habits have decayed all of her front teeth.

Before: patient has chronic depression. Changes in eating and hygiene habits have led to decayed front teeth.

After; cavities were cleaned out and filled with white resin material filled.

After: cavities were cleaned and filled with white resin material.


Before; patient wants Hollywood white smile! Few fillings, no disease or cavities.

Before: patient wants Hollywood white smile! Few fillings, no disease or cavities.

After all porcelain crowns were cemented.

After: all porcelain crowns were cemented.


Toothache? Are your teeth too dark?  Have Too many cavities? Not aligned or white enough?!

No matter what your current situation is, It’s never too late to improve your teeth, maximize function to properly eat and confidently smile again.

These two patients came to the office with opposite oral concerns and lifestyles but both ladies had the same end goal in mind; to feel prettier and more confident. Patients’ Expectation and standards are key in positively addressing a patients needs versus their wants.

The follow up protocol for both cases  are also completely different. The patient with high risk of developing cavities due to depression and its implications was prescribed a high fluoride content toothpaste, Prevident 5000o plus, in order to help her compensate for the dry mouth medications side effects and resist against the frequent acidic environment her teeth are exposed to due to bacterial byproducts of digesting food leftovers. I also recommended a cleaning every 4 months that way we can control the build up and keep an eye on potential cavity spots.

In the most esthetic elective case, patient will come back every 6 months for routine check up where crown margins  and sensitivity status will be addressed. Full mouth reconstructions with several crown placements can lead to potential teeth sensitivity and in extreme cases root canal procedures if the pulp tissue/ nerve react to preparation and removal of enamel and protecting dentin layers.

There are options for every dental situation! Make the step towards teeth improvement; especially disease control! Be good to you… Invest in your smile!


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