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Is flossing really necessary??

Let me tell you how important flossing really is.

First off, something that we all need to understand is not everyone is the same, our bodes work differently. Just because you know someone who doesn’t floss and has healthy gums/teeth doesn’t mean you’re in the same position as them.

When we eat carbohydrates, the microorganisms in dental plaque convert the carbohydrates to an acid that attacks the enamel of the teeth. The acid decalcifies the enamel, and thus a dental carious lesion, or cavity, begins to form.
The microorganisms in dental plaque cause inflammation of the soft tissues, specifically the gingiva (gums). If not stopped, this inflammation causes gingivitis, which can be reversed with good oral hygiene. If it is not reversed, gingivitis can destroy the deeper supporting soft tissue structures and eventually the bone that holds the tooth in the socket.
When that occurs, periodontal disease has been established. It can be stopped with scrupulous oral hygiene, but sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. However, the bone will not grow back.
The purpose of using dental floss is to remove dental plaque and biofilm from the surfaces of the teeth, especially the surface between two teeth. Because the spaces between teeth are usually so small, toothbrush bristles cannot reach in between the two tooth surfaces.

You might not believe its necessary but many of us suffer from gum disease, like myself. I thought it wasn’t a big deal until I realized my gums weren’t normal. I notice how every time I would brush, I would bleed and when I would floss I felt discomfort. I realize how red my gums were, I knew I had to visit the dentist. Bleeding doesn’t occur on every patient who has gum disease. That’s why it’s so important to visit regularly your dentist to maintain a healthy smile!


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