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In the Esthetic zone; to implant or not implant?!

Placing dental implants in the esthetic zone is considered to be the ultimate challenge for many dentists. The way gums shape around the collar of the implant varies clinically as it depends on the bone height/ width that remains after re-modelation and recession take place within the first six months of the implant being placed.

The gums feed from the blood supply carried in the bone and can survive 3-5mm away from the bone crest. The level of bone height around the implant then plays a key role in gingival contouring; where the bone goes, the gingiva must closely follow.

Key questions to ask yourself

  • how much does your upper lip retract as you smile wide? how much gum is it visible?
  • are the adjacent teeth natural? will crowns be placed for symmetry of color shade matching ?
  • how was the tooth lost? was it lost to cavities, bone loss or history of trauma that left defect?
smile depth

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