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Invisalign Smile: invisible force that straightens your teeth

“Doctor, I have a problem, please help me” “Doctor, my bottom teeth are getting more crooked after my wisdom teeth came out” “Doctor, I have gaps in between my teeth” “Doctor, I want straight teeth again. I had braces in the past but I...

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All Porcelain Smile Design MAKEOVER in 1 day!

Do you have front teeth that have changed color and look dark in every picture? Did you have a lot of cavities growing up, having now  many STAINED old fillings that  cover most of your not so pearly whites? Are you missing a tooth...

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tooth insured or not tooth insured?!

Today I feel like talking about dental insurances. Have you ever wondered how they typically work? Are they covering 100% of the dental treatment recommended by the doctor? Are their parameters to accepting or denying clinically recommended treatments in accordance with high quality doctors’...

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smile away dental fears and end procrastination to happiness

The Cosmetic Dentist within me loves to create smiles from within as working on the aesthetic facade of teeth through veneers, crowns or bridges. The orthodontist within me, puzzles around physically moving bone/teeth through functional appliances and braces to achieve better aesthetics and flow...

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Early Prevention of jaw malformation and misaligned teeth without extractions!

Diagnosis and correction of breathing problems, finger habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrust in kids can be treated early on through orthopedic functional appliances that expand and reposition jaws in order to prevent jaw malformations and malocclusion of misaligned teeth. Have you had...

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when kids love the dentist, their hygiene is spot on!

I started seeing this patient about 1 month ago and from the first visit to today, she has made such improvement with her hygiene and eating habits at home, that even the mother is surprised! She has a history of several stainless steal crowns...

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Dental Fear

It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of U.S. adults are considered to experience dental phobia; that is, they are so fearful of receiving dental...

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Implant Over Dentures Spanish – Video

Implant retained over dentures which serve to further stabilize and anchor denture to implant component allowing for better esthetics, phonetics and function.   dentaduras retenidas y estabilizadas a traves de implantes dentales los cuales facilitan mejor funcion, fonetica y estetica.  

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Dental Implants in detail

Dental Implants in Detail – Video

Detailed information on the physiological response of the oral cavity once a tooth is extracted, the consequences of proceeding with no treatment, advantages of surgically placing an implant, disadvantages of preparing the adjacent teeth for a dental bridge. Also, the intricate different dynamic of...

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My precious smile!!! Before and after treatments!

CASE 1 Before: patient has chronic depression. Changes in eating and hygiene habits have led to decayed front teeth. After: cavities were cleaned and filled with white resin material. CASE 2 Before: patient wants Hollywood white smile! Few fillings, no disease or cavities. After:...

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What is a dental bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is a non-removable prosthesis that is permanently cemented to the natural teeth surrounding the gap present after losing a tooth. It requires to file down intact structure adjacent to the missing tooth. Crowns are then placed on the shaped teeth...

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dentelosophy Corner

I have created this interactive space especially for you, the dente patient. One of the most gratifying things in life as a dentist, is to effortlessly educate while answering doubts and eliminating most typical myths about dentistry. I have a passion for the building...

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